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Pluristem’s two lead placenta-derived cell products, PLX-PAD and PLX-R18, are each in clinical development for several indications. Their potential efficacy and mechanisms of action were initially demonstrated in numerous preclinical studies.

PLX-Immune product is under pre-clinical development and beening evaluated for the effect of the cells in over 50 lines of human cancerous cells. A peer-reviewed article in the journal Scientific Reports, from the publisher of Nature (press here) examined this pre-clinical study .

PLX-PAD has been shown to secrete proteins known to induce angiogenesis, support muscle regeneration after injury, and modulate the immune system. Preclinical studies have also shown that PLX-R18 secretes factors known to enhance the regeneration of a damaged hematopoietic system. PLX-Immune secretes therapeutic proteins that affect angiogenesis, immune activation, proliferation and metastasis.

PLX cells have demonstrated efficacy in preclinical studies in models of neuropathic and inflammatory pain, chronic graft versus host disease (cGvHD), pre-eclampsia, tendinosis, myocardial infarction, pulmonary fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary hypertension, and various cancer cell lines. Our research department continues to study the mechanisms of action of our different cell products, conducts preclinical studies of our two lead products in additional indications, and continues to develop new products using our proprietary 3D cell expansion platform technology.