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Introducing: Pluri

Cells are the very fabric of our universe: Everything in this world begins and ends with cells. Technology that harnesses the innate power of cells, and their ability to expand rapidly, therefore has the potential to change the world.

We are thrilled to share a new part of our journey: our recent official name change from Pluristem to Pluri. The very definition of the word explains our new vision. “Pluri” means more, and we look forward to offering more solutions for more industries, enabled by our innovative 3D cell expansion technology platforms.

Pluri’s platforms are the new gold standard to accelerate development of cell-based solutions that will improve global quality of life and promote sustainability in a wide range of fields.

Our new business development strategy is twofold:

First, we are relying on our innovative technology to create new, revolutionary products. These cell-based products are developed to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, from sustainability to sustenance.

Second, we continue to search for partnerships that leverage our most valuable asset—that is, our technology. With this proprietary technology and with new partners at hand, we can innovate in many verticals, from cultured meat to therapeutics to agriculture technology and beyond.

Pluri pushes the boundaries of science to engineer groundbreaking cell-based products that promote global wellbeing and sustainability.

We look forward to welcoming the new era of Pluri and realizing our ambitious vision.


From food to pharma, Pluri improves lives today

We are now leveraging our advanced cell expansion platforms and our position as a worldwide leader in cell technology to develop, manufacture and market high quality cell-based products.

Revolutionizing food

Earlier this year, we entered a landmark collaboration with Israeli food giant Tnuva to produce cell-based meat, with our technology at the heart of the partnership.

This first joint venture in our food tech vertical is set to bring sustainable, affordable cultured food to consumers across the globe, creating its first product as soon as next year. We are uniquely poised to power the full production chain for the development and manufacture of affordable, quality cultured food.

Our partners at Tnuva believe so as well. “We chose to collaborate with Pluri (formerly Pluristem) because we believe it owns one of the most advanced cell production technologies in the world,” said Eyal Malis, CEO of Tnuva Group.

Transforming health and medicine

Since 2003, Pluri has perfected methods to expand a single placenta cell into billions of distinct cells. The cell expansion process serves to develop groundbreaking cell-based therapies that solve some of medicine’s most urgent unmet needs.

Pluri’s technology accelerates the development and approval of more targeted, personalized, and well-tolerated allogeneic treatments, with no need for genetic matching – changing the face of medicine, one cell at a time.


Partnership opportunities in the future

We see the potential in sharing this technology, not just the products that it creates.

Our new approach is one that highlights collaboration. Strategic partnerships and investments across different verticals can help to expedite the research, development and commercialization phase of many types of cell-based products. A collaborative approach also ensures that an expert in their respective field will drive key business decisions from decades of expertise.

Plurinuva is just the first partnership in our vertical of Plurifood. Looking ahead, we hope to continue to develop various cultured food products through partnerships.

We also aim to collaborate with companies from industries that include—but are not limited to—agriculture, biotech, and cell biology.


Our commitment to sustainability

As we move forward into the new era of Pluri, we are excited to continue our dedication to Environmental and Social Governance. Our new strategy will chart a more sustainable path in many different sectors of business and technology, from patient care to animal agriculture.

How does Pluri benefit the environment?

Meat cultured from cells in a laboratory setting has the potential to reduce greenhouse gases and other crucial resources by an incredible amount. Cultured meat produced using renewable energy reduces global warming impacts by up to 92 percent and reduces land use by up to 95 percent.

In a global age of overpopulation and dwindling finite resources, these environmental benefits are huge. Cultured meat is set to disrupt the global meat market.

How can Pluri promote better health and wellbeing?

Originating from the highest quality, premium cells, cultured meat could easily become the tastier and more nourishing option.

When it comes to healthcare, Pluri’s innovative therapies may offer hope to sick patients without another avenue for treatment. Our new cell therapy candidate can both give patients with bone marrow failure a chance for a better recovery and treat radiation exposure.

The potential impact on livelihood with just one cell candidate can be far-reaching, and this sentiment is true for Pluri’s products across the board. All Pluri’s cell therapies are created with people as the first consideration, meant to improve quality of life for patients in hospitals and those in recovery.


We are Pluri.

Our patented technology harnesses the wisdom of nature to develop and manufacture next generation cell-based products across a range of fields.

We aim to pioneer a biotech revolution to create next-generation cell-based products that improve human wellbeing, increase sustainability, and advance solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

We are thrilled to welcome you on our journey.