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We are committed to working with corporate strategic partners, medical organizations and academic institutions to enhance the global reach of our cell expansion technology and PLX product portfolio. To that end, we place great importance on the collaborative process involved. We recognize that our partners are committed to developing various new cell-based products for multiple applications, based on Pluristem’s innovative technology and manufacturing capabilities, including cell therapies with the Company’s unique PLX product portfolio. Understanding that our partners face unique challenges and opportunities, Pluristem strives to work with potential partners and provide them solutions to expand their product pipeline and address their manufacturing needs.

Pluristem is a partner of choice for global pharmaceutical, biologics, foodtech and variety of industries that require mass cell production. Tailoring our partnerships to the needs of each potential partner allows Pluristem to maximize the potential of each asset in our portfolio. If you are interested in the Pluristem technology platform, please contact us and let’s see what we can achieve together.