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Innovation is the heart and soul of Pluristem. Since 2003, we have led the field in developing and testing new medical uses of placenta-derived stromal cells, and technologies for large-scale expansion of these cells in a tightly-controlled manner, in order to obtain a high quality and consistently reproducible product. Furthermore, we have exploited our unrivaled expertise in manufacturing to produce multiple cell-based products from a single source (placenta), by altering the expansion parameters.

To protect these achievements, we have built a large portfolio of issued patents and pending patent applications that spans over 30 active patent families and 52 countries, including over 130 active, issued patents. The portfolio provides multi-level, extensive coverage of: Pluristem’s cells and pharmaceutical compositions containing them; cosmetic and therapeutic uses (second medical uses) thereof; manufacturing methods; and devices involved in the expansion, harvesting, and formulation of adherent stromal cells and their subsequent controlled thawing after cryopreservation. Pluristem continues to file new patent applications at a rapid pace, designed to cover the ongoing and dynamic achievements of our Research and Development teams, and to provide exclusive patent rights for many years to come. We believe that this portfolio provides us with a significant commercial advantage in key markets, as we address major therapeutic unmet needs.


Pluristem’s Global Intellectual Property Strategy