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Pluristem Point-Of-Care Thawing Device

Our convenient, automated thawing device, for use by clinicians at point of care, offers a reliable and simple thawing method that can safeguard the integrity of the supply chain. This is key to maintaining the potency and consistency of a cell product, because, unlike many traditional drugs, cell therapies must be thawed before being administered to a patient. However, the most commonly used thawing procedure can stress the cells and even result in cell injury or death, thereby reducing potency and the ability to administer consistent doses. Furthermore, the standard method requires that water come into direct contact with product packaging, thereby increasing the risk of contamination. In order to deliver sterile, standardized doses, we have developed a thawing device to be used with the vials that contain our products.

Pluristem has a license agreement with a subsidiary of Chart Industries, Inc. regarding Pluristem’s thawing device for cell-based therapies. Per the terms of the agreement, Chart obtains the exclusive rights to manufacture and market the thawing device in all territories worldwide, excluding China, with Pluristem receiving royalties from sales of the product and supply of an agreed number of devices.